Ranbir Kapoor explained Katrina Kaif bullies over him

Where there is a fame every news live around there. But here this is really amazing news from the Katrina Kaif end. Recently, in her latest movie she has caught doing romance with the Ranbir Kapoor and Ranbir explain her bullied over him. Katrina sound to love younger men that her Bollywood super star Salman khan. Salman khan is about to get a chance to find live in more stress and desperate shadows of fake love. There is no lie how the things got bad for the Salman khan in the recent past and he has received huge terrible experiences with the ladies he owed.

Ranbir didn’t decline that Katrina was doing romance with the hot and young Ranbir Kapoor in Bhopal while shooting for couple’s upcoming movie. The ‘ajab prem ki gajab kahani’ entitled the beautiful love chemistry these people had during the shooting and it played an awesome story over the news channels that caught them. Katrina Kaif is now lingering awhile for speaking anything about how the things was going in Bhopal while doing shooting with his co-actor Ranbir kapoor.

The beautiful and charming actress looking to create as possible rumors that she could to prove that romantic scene with Ranbir Kapoor a lie but the let the future speak about the rest. The extra conscious girl now moves up to Salman separation and she is doing great number of movie. She wasn’t even attending the Salman khan birthday party for that Salman has done a great part to bring a smile on her face. Things are changing a bit and Salman is the one who is feeling more insecure with the glamorous girlfriends who sound much boasted and full of fake promises.

Katrina Kaif latest pictures find crowd

Katrina has now become one of the most frequent British born Indian actresses that have picked a majority of the crowd with her charming face. Recently, she has a bikini pictures during the new movie running scene. The director didn’t need to have a great talk in this concern as she was almost ready with the first say. She alone worked in many Telugu, Malayalam, and Hindi movies to give her best to show what is she is up to. She has been announced as the sexiest actress in the Asia.

This tuned up her little boasted and she hasn’t an issue while going dropped off her clothes and shooting wearing a bikini for her upcoming movie. She has been tried to get more glamorous with the extra ordinary body shows in many ramp walk and magazine cover pages. Her recent bikini pictures alone like by her millions of fans across the globe and she is being more appreciable with her marvelous knock. Lately, Salman answered his ignorance for what his beautiful girl friend is doing but it doesn’t work that all for Katrina Kaif.

Salman is quite anxious though seeing her girlfriend almost nude and that has covered by many magazines and TV channels. This remarkable new upcoming movie is seems to getting more fame no matter there is time to make it release over the audience. It seems like Katrina Kaif is ready to do every single possible thing that let her on the top of the Bollywood. But lets wait what future will recalls it later after time.

Katrina caught color handed in new leaked video

Are you looking to hear about the break up with the Salman and Katrina Kaif? The superstitious London girl has caught color handed and the spicy news getting hot in the air. Now the Salman emotions are fierce with his girlfriend latest sex tape release and the countrymen taking it to be the wide challenge as per Salman heart is almost broken. The video was getting in huge demand in the Canada ad the couples are now literally now soothing over the Bollywood.
Sources didn’t depicted that who was the partner of the Katrina in that tape but the glamorous girl is now announcing as another heart breaking factor in the Salman khan’s life. Salman isn’t ready to dig or swallow this matter as he himself watches out the tape. He is trying to be realistic finding this stunning issue as new breaking news. He has done a great hand to hide this story so none of the audience gets through this tape but the internal sources made it easy for the amateur video they have caught.
Do not take it as a crazy story since the fact lies for this shameless video and the Salman is ready to go soothing soul. Undoubtedly, Katrina Kaif blows her beautiful part for this hardcore tape and Salman is running out of words to make it ease to happen. The crush of Salman another love story seems to have an end and it is really a big heart pain in the age when Salman really was shining with his affection to her beloved girlfriend.


Katrina Kaif isn’t prejudiced over SRK-Salman fight

The media has already wind the running fire amongst the two top notch Bollywood actors Salman and Shahrukh khan. The cold war that has started doesn’t seem to get a happy ending and they are doing everything to prove them as a better than latter. Two khans are really getting in more challenging enthusiast and the Katrina Kaif the beautiful lover of the Salman khan has had hold her tongue quite interestingly. During the media ask over this issue, Katrina just denied saying a word and she just escaped away before she could be forced up by the reporters.

She is fully concentrated on her career and this is the only thing that she wants to adore as of now, she said while her interview. She has promptly declined about getting marry Salman in upcoming years. It could be a bit annoying for Salman who never had a good experience with any ladies and he had become lovelorn for times. Salman girlfriend seems to get her peak position and there is no way out she could give up on him.

Salman already shown his emotions for his glamorous girlfriend and Katrina are really doing every possible thing to improve her career in the Bollywood. She has hushed saying a word in the cold war among Salman khan and Shahrukh khan conflict. It also needs a good heart to open out and get be very comfortable to someone’s heart. Didn’t Katrina the superstitious lady of the Bollywood know it? Future will definitely hold some good news about this story to turning a big blow.

Asin is all set to leave Katrina Kaif insane

This week it is really going to be very terrible experience for Bollywood and especially to Katrina. Asin did a superb job laying Katrina behind for the yashraj production next movie. This is the only dream for any actress to work with the yashraj productions but Katrina lost this chance after the yashraj production flagged her off. The intimate rumors didn’t does it all but the officially announcement of the yashraj production gives Katrina blow away. The Ghazini girl seems to be all set to work with the tops productions where the Katrina is seeking the challenges.

However, most of the people committed that it was Salman favor to the Asin but is Katrina Kaif ready to stomach this rumor. Asin seems to be very desperate with the Bollywood circle as she already started her career off with the Amir Khan, the perfectionist man of the Bollywood. Lately, she has joined hand with the Priyadarshan upcoming movie with the Akshay Kumar and now she’s buzzing around the Bollywood. She has proved what she is exactly up to after the successful houseful from the London dreams with the Salman khan.

Asin is really taking things very seriously and professionally to make a bigger knock as the next big she thing for the Bollywood. Is Katrina Kaif gradually loosing her popularity in the Bollywood or is it going to be the next bull fights among the top notch actress. Katrina Kaif fans are getting slower with the percentage rate where the Asin getting massive knock over the last few months. Pray very best for the Katrina Kaif.


Has Katrina got tricky over Salman?

Well, it would be stupidity to say that Katrina is the most dashing, sizzling and one of the most desiring lady in the Bollywood industry and she knows how to get it on. Salman, her boyfriend and big supporter who took her to this real place already had gone mad. Salman’s love for her is like an uncountable starts in the sky and this is how Katrina make him feel every now and then. Now this pair is going to get more obvious over the break up. It is assuming that Katrina would fall apart from Salman since she had been enjoying herself with other young co actors. The recent fuzzy gossips were about the John.

They both have been caught by the Salman eye because the phone bills of Katrina made him go insane seeing the millions calls to John. Salman slightly find a changed in him and loosing his heart over beautiful and marvelous she actor Katrina. Is it really going to be another crush in Salman’s life whilst it is known that he has not forgotten Aishwarya love, yet? Is he really ruined up by this hot and young Katrina? Salman efforts are now seem to go waste because Katrina is ready to fly as she finds her wings on.

Is Katrina finds her true love in John Abraham?

It is unlikely to see if the Salman let Katrina pass to another man’s door but yes this times It’s not the another boy. Due to his busy schedule and the recent past experiences with Katrina took Salman to hush over until everything fixed up. In sake of her true love, he doesn’t ready to hear anybody about the juice gossips and rumors in the air. The Salman is more suspicious with the Katrina since the phone bills shows that Katrina is in touch with the calls and SMS exchange with his foe, john Abraham. Story is not going to find a good ending in Salman favor Katrina agreed for her next movie with the dashing and bold actor john Abraham and they are caught enjoying at the set.

Katrina didn’t hesitate to agree for a bed scene with the John Abraham even though she knows how it is going to hurt the Salman heart. She is getting into more professionalism because she is the one who knows that her stand could be changed by the Salman who took her to this peak position. She knows that one man army can changed her career but she still cannot refuse the way she is falling in love with the bold and beautiful John Abraham and that seems like a right man for her.